About Our Staff

Top Panel

Meet our library director Nicole Spencer! 

Nicole has worked as the Harrisville library director for over 15 years. Her vision has made the library what it is today. With an automated library system, renovations to the upstairs adding much needed young adult and childrens libraries, renovations to the downstairs adding patron computers, longer open hours and other services!  She continues to do what is necessary to meet the needs to serve the community. 


Meet the librarian! Pamela Conlin

Pamela Conlin is the Assistant Director and has worked as the main librarian for the past 10 years. She brought with her many years of business experience and has been an asset in keeping the finances in order.

Along with Nicole, they have been able to add many programs to the library such as painting courses, flower arranging, wreath making, cake decoration classes, and special children programs.



Meet our librarian clerk, Stacey Shippee. 

Stacey works for Pamela at the library as her right hand person. Stacey was hired in October of 2018 and has already proved to be an asset to the library. She brings a young energy with her and she is willing to do whatever is needed to make the library a thriving place for people to enjoy for years to come!